Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Grease medley

We sang our grease medley and did a dance for our visitors from South Africa and for the rest of the school. Here's a video of us ðŸ˜

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Pancake Tuesday/Máirt na héinide

We made pancakes in the staff room. We made them in groups and we had our lesson as Gaeilge. Then we wrote the 'oideas le pancóga' as gaeilge when we went back to our classroom. Teacher was so proud of us we did a great job. We also had an extra treat because teacher didn't give us any homework!


100th day of School fun

We had lots of fun on the 100th day of school. We did writing tasks and said what we would do if we had a 100 euro, pencils, friends, legs, eyes, mosquito bites, minutes to spare. We wrote about if we would  rather live 100 years in the past or the future and we prepared a list of questions we would ask someone who was 100 years old.

We stayed quiet for 100 seconds, we ran on the spot for 100 seconds, did lunges for 100 seconds  and did jumping jacks for 100 seconds.

Then we split into groups and went outside the school and did a traffic survey of 100 vehicles We split into 3 different groups - one group looked at the type of  vehicles, another group looked at the colour of vehicles and another looked at the vehicle registrations. This was a great introduction for our next topic in maths - percentages.

Some of us got a perfect attendance award because we haven't missed a day in school this year.



Cross Country

We practiced running laps of the top yard in preparation for Cross Country. We had trials and Alana, Emily, Holly and Aoife R from our class along with girls from room 8 qualified for the racing on 8th February. Alana came 2nd in her race, Aoife came 6th in her race, Emily came 9th. The weather was awful on the day and everybody from Scoil Mhuire completed the race. Well done girls! 

St Brigid's Day and Grandparents Day

For Grandparents day we wrote about memories we have of our grandparents, we stuck a photo of our grandparents or wrote some quotes abour grandparents and we decorated it. Didnt we do a wonderful job. Some people posted them to their grandparents. 
That afternoon our grandparents were invited in to our classroom. We played cards and board games with our grandparents and had some chocolate, then we did our grease medley song and dance for them. They loved it because they knew all the words. 





We made St Brigids crosses on St Brigids Day using construction straws. We listened to the story of Saint Brigid, sang our sing to Brigid and wrote a prayer to Brigid. 

Native American projects and art

We did wonderful projects on 5 native American tribes in groups.  Sioux tribe, Inuit tribe, Apache tribe, Cheroke tribe and the Nevajo tribe.



Sioux tribe by Lucy, Aoife, Tolu and Abigail.

Nevajo tribe by Ciara, Holly, Daniela and Isabelle.

Inuit tribe by Aoife, Katie, Sarah and Amy.

Apache tribe by Alana, Ríona Emily and Olufunke.


Cheroke tribe by Esha, Aoife, Lucy and Olivia.


In our project groups we collaboratively made Native American totem poles. Didn't we do a wonderful job!
We also made Native American dream catchers in art. 

Friday, 22 December 2017

We are enjoying our module on narrative writing with teacher, Sr Mary and Ms Sharkey. We have been doing lots of preparation and soon we will start to write our own stories. We will be editing, redrafting and publishing our own stories.


Magic of music lesson with Catherine.

Grease medley

We sang our grease medley and did a dance for our visitors from South Africa and for the rest of the school. Here's a video of us